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A Former Obama Staffer Makes A VERY Good Point About The Women’s March

Posted by Jen Psaki on Feb 22, 2017 3:54:58 PM

On Thursday, Januray 19th, I walked out of the White House for the last time, for at least the foreseeable future. The walls in my office have been bare all week and boxes have been stacked with notes from colleagues, books and photos from the ten years I have worked for Barack Obama. As I was driving my car out of the gate, it hit me that for the first time, in a long time, I am not officially a part of something bigger than myself.

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High-Energy Speakers to Motivate Your Team

Posted by WWSG Staff on Feb 14, 2017 11:47:04 AM

What’s more important than an energized team to start the new year? Nothing. Nothing beats a smiling face, a go-getter attitude, or a true passion for doing the work your company is made to do. But sometimes, last year’s short comings can trickle into the attitude of the new year– and it’s important to fix that before it becomes a trend.

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Donald Trump Masters The Art of the Unexpected

Posted by WWSG Staff on Jan 17, 2017 2:45:00 PM

Robert Zoellick - Trump Masters the Art of the Unexpected

To understand the president-elect, view him as an Independent not a Republican 

As Donald Trump’s inauguration approaches, people around the world are struggling to understand the inhabitants of the newest Trump Tower, the one at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC.

To comprehend the novel scene, they should view Mr Trump as an independent, not as a Republican. Other celebrity billionaires have tried to compete with America’s political party duopoly; Mr. Trump succeeded by taking over the Republican nomination. As an independent, he is not bound by party ideologies or past positions. He has nominated a number of Democrats and cross-party financial contributors to top posts. His leadership will depend on preserving the bond, by tweet and in person, with his army of supporters.

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6 Reasons to Partner with WWSG for International Speaking Events

Posted by WWSG Staff on Jan 10, 2017 12:00:00 PM

The Worldwide Part of WWSG

The United States leads the way in the global professional speaker industry. Keynote speakers from around the world desire to be represented by an American speaker’s bureau since they are likely to get the most value from working with these firms.

At Worldwide Speakers Group, we represent some of the best and brightest thought leaders in the entire world. No matter where in the world your conference, gala, or event is, you should always book a speaker with us.

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A Fair Plan For Fairer Drug Prices

Posted by WWSG Staff on Dec 27, 2016 8:15:00 AM

A Fair Plan for Fair Drug Prices

As the biological basis of more diseases are fully revealed, and the drugs targeting medical problems become more focused and effective, more patients are finding themselves on costlier specialty medicines. At the same time, consumers find themselves paying a growing portion of their drug bills out of pocket as the structure of insurance changes. These two developments have combined to result in significant consumer hardship.

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As Trump interviews for SecDef, I have ONE suggestion…

Posted by Allen B. West on Dec 20, 2016 3:57:27 PM

We’ve discussed here the actions of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and his warnings to President Obama. I believe Duterte was concerned about a Hillary Clinton presidency and an even weaker America. Duterte needs a strong America that reasserts its respect and regard in the Pacific Rim and thwarts the advance of communist China. Also, Duterte still has a very ingrained problem with Islamic jihadism… a bomb was just found in a garbage can outside the U.S. embassy there. But that’s not all…

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Event Planning: How to Promote Your Next Speaker Engagement

Posted by WWSG Staff on Dec 14, 2016 11:45:39 AM

Planning the Promotion for your Upcoming Event.png

To attract your target audience to an event, promotion is a vital consideration. Your keynote speaker will bring people to your event, but you can attract a lot more people through a promotion strategy. Event planners can use various promotion methods such as email, social media, and blogging to ensure the right type of person attends your company’s events.

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What Exactly is a Speakers Bureau?

Posted by WWSG Staff on Nov 23, 2016 9:45:00 AM

What is a Speaker's Bureau?

Are you looking for the perfect speaker for your next lecture or event? A speaker’s bureau could offer the keynote presentation that you are looking for.

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The AHA Foundation is On a Mission to Make the United States a Safer Place to Be a Girl

Posted by WWSG Staff on Nov 11, 2016 2:05:00 PM

Ayaan Hirsi Ali's Foundation Makes the USA a Better Place for Women

A battered but undeterred stay-at-home-mom stashing money into a cereal box to save enough to leave her abusive husband and protect her children. A man from Ethiopia who was not only brave enough to defy his community by opposing female genital mutilation (FGM), but who, after moving to the US, continues to call home to keep pressure on families to not cut their girls. These courageous individuals are among those with whom the AHA Foundation had the privilege to collaborate on leading trainings about honor violence over the past month.

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Henry M. Paulson, Jr. Calls For Action to Preserve China's Wetlands

Posted by WWSG Staff on Nov 8, 2016 9:20:00 AM

 Henry M. Paulson, Jr. Calls for the Preservation of Chinese Wetlands

China’s coastal wetlands sustain millions of migratory birds. But since 1950, about 60 percent of them have disappeared, converted for the expansion of industry, agriculture, and cities. China’s wetlands provide an estimated $30 billion a year in ecosystem services.

At Beidaihe Coastal Wetlands and Waterfowl Seminar 2016, Hank Paulson, chairman of the Paulson Institute and a lifelong conservationist, noted progress on preserving China’s endangered wetlands but called for urgent measures to stop the continuing “worrisome” loss. Paulson also announced the launch of a month-long awareness campaign of videos and blog posts on the Paulson Institute’s Wechat and website to raise awareness of the importance of wetlands and the migratory birds they sustain.

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