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7 Steps for Speaker Experience and Event Success

At Worldwide Speakers Group (WWSG), we are dedicated to providing an unparalleled level of service in the global lecture industry and giving an intimate and consultative support service to organizations for booking speakers at their events. As a trusted partner to elite professional speakers, we deliver distinctive performance and innovative solutions in the global lecture and speaker industry by artfully connecting speakers to corporate, trade, education, and commercial customers worldwide. Take a look inside our process to learn how we can be your partner in planning and creating a successful event. 
  • Define Key Objectives
  • Develop the Target Audience 
  • Manage the Booking Process
  • Marketing Initiatives
  • Planning the Experience
  • Executing the Event
  • Thinking Forward

Download the 7 Steps to Speaker and Event Success

Forging a long-term partnership built on trust and collaboration can be a beneficial asset for your future events.

The most important component of working with a speaker agency, is to remain in constant contact with them throughout the event. Their main goal is providing assistance during all stages of the event, including the day of. Your partnership is most valuable when you treat your speaker agency as part of your team.
I have been with Worldwide Speakers Group since 2012. They pay attention. They are aggressive. They deliver. I was with a bigger firm but got lost in the sheer number of their speakers.
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The Honorable Newt Gingrich
WWSG Exclusive Speaker
"You guys are great, I really appreciate everything you have done.  When I show up at the airport, there’s a ticket for me, when I get off the plane there’s a driver for me and when I show up at the hotel, there’s a room for me.  It’s been just great.”
General John Kelly - 150x150
General John F. Kelly
WWSG Exclusive Speaker