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3 Amazing (Yet True) Things About Keynote Speakers

Posted by WWSG Staff on Mar 5, 2015 3:23:00 PM


You may think you know all there is to know about keynote speakers. Perhaps you've watched Gordon Gekko motivate an audience of shareholders in Wall Street or still remember Jimmy Stewart’s character, Jefferson Smith, delivering impassioned speeches in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”. Perhaps real-life keynote speakers such as Sanjay Gupta, Steve Wozniak, Lady Carnarvon or Allison Massari have personally inspired you. You may have an idea, then, of the positive effect that a compelling speaker can have on his/her audience, but we're fairly certain that you didn't know the 3 amazing (yet true) things about motivational speakers that we uncovered below:


1) There are some keynote speakers who can't even hear themselves speak!  

There's motivating and then there's downright inspirational!  Canada's Calgary Herald shares the unbelievably encouraging story of Kevin Frost, the deaf speed skating champion and motivational speaker who lost his hearing to a rare condition called Usher's Syndrome.  The course of his condition makes it likely that he will eventually lose his sight as well, but despite the anticipated decline of his senses this amazing athlete shows no signs of slowing down on the ice or on the stage!


2) The average keynote speaker can sometimes connect to an audience and do in 1 hour what a company may spend a year on trying to achieve   

Whether it is a large fundraising event or enlisting a motivational speaker to energize and mobilize a workforce, it is often shared by clients that great speakers have the ability to connect with an audience in ways others can’t.  They stimulate the imagination, pique one’s curiosity and often taken the audience on storytelling journeys that drive home important message points that serve the client. It is often forgotten that the same message could be delivered through one channel and ignored, while audience(s) will often “tune into” a speaker that they recognize and greatly want to hear speak.  Perhaps it is as much about the hype and preconceived notions of the audience as it is the message itself but, either way, the net effect is to monumentally achieve desired objectives in a relatively short period of time.


3) Not all keynote speakers are naturally gifted for all types of speaking engagements  

Speaking, like anything else, is a learned behavior and art form. Being engaging, optimistic and even charismatic comes more naturally to some than to others. For some speakers, their story is too unbelievable and inspiring not to share.  There are so many stories and so many storytellers that it is important to tap into the right speaker – who is the most naturally gifted at delivering the particular message(s) you are seeking to deliver for that audience. And, to complicate matters further, we’ve discovered that it is not always the WHAT, i.e. the message itself, but also the WHO and HOW that determines how much of that message the audience will receive and what they’ll ultimately do with it.


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