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4 Keynote Speaker Ideas For Your Next Event

Posted by WWSG Staff on Jun 2, 2016 9:30:00 AM

Ideas for your next keynote speakerThe keynote speaker you choose for your event could have a significant impact on your brand. The speaker can bring attention to your organization and help support your brand’s marketing objectives during the event. It’s important to assess the best available keynote speakers to ensure you make the right choice.

In this latest post, our team here at the Worldwide Speakers Group highlights four popular keynote speaker ideas.

1) Gary Locke

Former U.S. Ambassador to China, former Secretary of Commerce, and former Governor of Washington, Gary Locke is considered one of the foremost experts on global affairs. His expertise makes him an excellent resource for companies with links to China. His understanding of the Chinese business space is second-to-none.

 Gary Locke has been widely credited with stimulating increased investment by China in the U.S. and provides compelling insights on how to grow an organization’s presence in China, despite cultural differences. His expertise on China has even been able to create American jobs. If your company has a growing global presence or an emerging presence in China, you should book Gary Locke as your next keynote speaker.

2)  Michael Baker

Michael Baker carries over 15 years of experience working as the CIA’s operations officer specializing in counter-terrorism, counter narcotics, and counterinsurgency. His hands-on experience engaging in, supervising, and organizing operations around the world translates into an ability to highlight how organizations can best harness their intelligence to minimize business risks while also maximizing their levels of global opportunities.

Baker took his experience with the CIA and is one of the founders the Diligence, LLC organization, a security and intelligence consulting company. He also is a regular contributor to Fox News and other media outlets. Baker is a great speaker for businesses looking for ways to maximize intelligence and minimize risk.

3) Maria Teresa Kumar

Considered one of the most influential American Latinas under 40, Maria Teresa Kumar is an MSNBC political analyst and host of the MSNBC streaming portal Changing America. She is also the founding president of Voto Latino, a community engagement group that targets American Latino youth. The group has become an important factor in national elections as Voto Latino has registered over a quarter of a million new voters while influencing millions more through social initiatives. Maria’s comprehensive understanding of the Latino community makes her an invaluable speaker for both business audiences and government groups.

4) Robert Zoellick

Former president of the World Bank Group, Robert B. Zoellick, has immense international business experience. Zoellick served as a U.S. trade representative in George W. Bush’s cabinet from 2001 to 2005 and was also Deputy Secretary of State from 2005 to 2006. He speaks elegantly on a broad range of topics, including American prosperity and the uncertain road ahead, as well as prospective and prospects for the contemporary global economy.

Any one of the speakers highlighted in this post will bring significant value to your organization’s upcoming event, and showcase your group as a leader within the marketplace. To discover more on ideas for selecting a keynote speaker, download our checklist now!

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