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5 Clever Ways a Speakers Bureau Can Save Your Budget

Posted by WWSG Staff on Mar 23, 2015 1:18:00 PM


When planning an event featuring a keynote speaker, you'll want everything to be perfect - from the seating arrangements, to the programs, to the keynote speaker - and it will all hopefully come in under budget. Teaming up with a speaker’s bureau can save you money, and here are the five most common ways Worldwide Speakers Group can help you to accomplish that:

1) Not only can a speaker’s bureau match the ideal speaker to your event, they may also have insight as to current speakers schedules and their location in proximity to your event. This provides two benefits: you will save money through reduced travel costs, and since your speaker is relative close, it will reduce time spent travelling, keeping the speaker fresh and energized.

2) A speaker’s bureau always has the best insight to gaining some of the hidden or more difficult benefits to take advantage of. With a “white glove” approach, bureau’s can save you time and money handling event logistics, from itineraries to travel and planning documentation.

3) A bureau offers the reputation that comes from maintaining long-term relationships with their speakers. We know our speaker’s very well, through many years of experience working with each of them closely. Knowing their personality and business approach helps a bureau adapt and communicate effectively between a speaker and the planners of a prospective speaking event. That clout will go a long way toward finding the best speaker at the best rate for you.

4) Bureaus are very familiar with the cost associated with individual speakers, making it easier to avoid unexpected fees. Understanding that the dedicated budget for your keynote speaker at your next event may be tight, a bureau understands the importance of avoiding any, hidden fees.

5) A bureau's service includes end-to-end assistance throughout the booking process – which alleviates stressors associated throughout the entire event. Knowing that you have a dedicated bureau, that understands every nook and cranny from beginning to end, will help provide a sense of ease and confidence that you might not otherwise receive.

Worldwide Speakers Bureau offers each one of these cost-saving benefits to you, and more. If you're looking for the right speaker to match your budget and goals, delivered to you with white glove service, simply contact us. We’d be glad to help create an unforgettable next event.

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