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An Introduction to Ayaan Hirsi Ali and the AHA Foundation: Saving Lives

Posted by WWSG Staff on Sep 16, 2016 12:01:24 PM


The mission to end violence against girls is an ongoing campaign for Ayaan Hirsi Ali and the AHA Foundation. This organization was founded by Hirsi Ali and aims to end honor violence that shames, hurts, or kills millions of women across the globe.

The AHA Foundation is working to elevate the status of women globally by supporting women’s education initiatives and building campaigns that help create safer spaces in which women can work and live.

Why AHA Began Changing Women’s Lives for the Better

Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s life can be described as nothing short of inspirational. Born in Somalia, she fled to the Netherlands to avoid an arranged marriage. She then became internationally famed when her best-selling book Infidel gained notoriety. Infidel catalogs Hirsi Ali’s upbringing in Somalia, her rise to political power in the Netherlands, and speaks to the effects Hirsi Ali felt from the murder of her friend, Theo Van Gogh. Hirsi Ali continues to intensely denounce extremist religion, as a result of the events of September 11th and other terrorist attacks.

Hirsi Ali’s bravery to raise her voice against both the traditions of the past and the history of gender inequality has made her a role model for millions around the world.

A Truly Inspirational Speaker

In recent years, Hirsi Ali has continued her work by speaking on timely issues in today’s world. She has spoken out against European countries extensively opening their borders, and instead believes that they should revise their legislation to appease to the right-winged political movements and ideologies.

She is a firm believer that a reformation of Islam is required to stop the bloodshed and the anger that has built up over many years. Her work with the AHA Foundation shows that she believes women will be at the center of the reformation process. This inspirational organization is contributing to change the lives of women across the world.

For event planners searching for an inspirational speaker whose message transcends tradition and speaks to the heart of cultural challenges we face today, Ayaan Hirsi Ali is the ideal choice. As a guest speaker, her ability to discuss her travels and the techniques she and her organization are using to inspire women can be incredibly impactful. Hirsi Ali and the AHA Foundation are truly creating a better world.

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