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Keynote Speaker: How To Hire An Inspirational Speaker

Posted by Jody Raines on Feb 3, 2012 12:51:00 PM

keynote speakerKeynote speaker presentations set the tone for any event. A rousing keynote speaker will leave the audience energized and enthused to attend the sessions.  This is important for sponsors as well as attendees because a motivated attendee will be more engaged with the exhibitors, additional sessions, and will encourage their associates to be more engaged.  This dynamic places an onus on the meeting planner to creatively procure a keynote speaker who will set the stage for success.

When selecting a motivational keynote speaker, the goal is to hire the best speaker, who will meet your meeting objectives and inspire an audience-- all within the budget.

Certainly there are many speakers to choose from.  Some will draw due to their celebrity status, and some because of their situation.  

Here are 5 questions you should ask when selecting a Keynote Speaker:

  1. Does the message inspire action? Having an inspiring message that is easily understood and actionable is a hallmark of a great speaker.  Being a celebrity may or may not also entail having an engaging presentation.   Ask the speakers bureau for video or post event evaluations to learn more about the audience reaction to the speaker.
  2. Does the speaker appeal to the audience?  Considerations like gender and style relative to the audience are important.   Having an appropriate speaker who the audience responds to is part science and part understanding the emotional response to the speaker before the first word is uttered.  
  3. Is the message sincere?  Most speakers who are represented by a bureau have been vetted, but there is sometimes an opportunity to have a speaker who is not through a bureau or who represents him or herself.  If the speaker does not come across as sincere, or their message does not resonate or is dated, the audience may walk away with a poor impression of the hosting organization.
  4. Does the speaker have impressive credentials or life experience? There are situations where a speaker may want to discuss a topic, but they lack the expertise, depth, or life experience to be deemed credible by the audience. Again, this is risky for the host organization.  Working with a speakers group, you are assured that the speaker is vetted as an expert on the topic.
  5. How does the speaker relate to the theme and message for the event?  Matching the event theme and attendees’ expectations with an experienced keynote speaker who will dazzle the audience and motivate and inspire is an art.   Having a pulse on the speakers who are relevant and effective is fundamental to a well-attended and inspiring motivational keynote speaker.

Answering these questions is just the beginning.  There are many considerations, including audience demographics, expectations and who they may relate to.  It’s proven that certain audiences tend to favor one gender over another.  

Creating a scientific checklist approach enables the meeting planner to evaluate all of the important variables to select the best keynote speaker to fit the audience and the event.
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