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It's the Economy (Again!), Stupid: Effective Economic Speakers

Posted by WWSG Staff on Apr 11, 2012 3:11:00 PM

According to CNN, the economy added an anemic 120,000 jobs last month while the unemployment rate barely wavered.  The impact of the economy on the upcoming Presidential campaign is primed to be a challenge for the present administration.  Voters may take into consideration the unemployment rate on Election Day, and yet this metric is questionable with regard to whether it is indicative of economic growth or not.

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Hosting an event that has a political or financial audience requires an educated and informed keynote presentation.

Any list of keynote speakers able to address the challenging issues of the economy while conveying a message of empowerment must include Carly Fiorina.  Most known for her trail blazing role as CEO of Hewlett-Packard (1995 - 2005), Carly Fiorina started as a secretary and diligently worked her way up the corporate ladder.  Her political career includes serving as an advisor to the 2008 Republican Presidential nominee Senator John McCain as well as running against Democrat Barbara Boxer for the U.S. Senate in California.

A bestselling author who led the reinvention of HP through the dotcom bust, Ms. Fiorina is no stranger to difficult economic environments.  Her visionary leadership at HP included the controversial merger with another technology giant, Compaq, which at the time was criticized but is now heralded as one of the most successful tech mergers in history.

Today, Carly Fiorina is recognized for being the first woman to lead a Fortune 20 company as well as a global influencer of business and public opinion.  Her message of success resounds with small businesses, family owned businesses and entrepreneurs as she encourages them to stimulate job creation and save the economy.

Although she is a titan among women business leaders, Carly Fiorina relates to and serves as an inspirational speaker for women entrepreneurs.  Her route to success features an unconventional background including a profound change in direction when she decided to drop out of law school.  Fiorina has redefined the role of women corporate leaders by example.  She is a role model that other women aspire to and an exceptionally astute leader.

Fiorina shares her views on leadership, technology and workplace diversity in her acclaimed memoir Tough Choices.  The book has been translated into 12 languages.

As a trusted advisor for government, business and non-profit organizations, Carly Fiorina has significant insight into the role of government and the interdependence of government and business.  Her knowledge of both the public and private sector makes her an indisputably solid keynote presenter who can illuminate a wide range of issues important to the business community.  There are few individuals who possess the breadth and depth of experience, expertise and insight that Carly Fiorina brings to the podium.

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