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Newt Gingrich Wants You to Rename the Cell Phone

Posted by Austin Estes on May 13, 2013 5:36:00 PM


Professor Newt is back.

Last week, Gingrich Productions published an article discussing the rapid transformation of modern technology. Newt Gingrich, notorious for his love of innovation, was recently enlisted by Google to be one of the first to try its highly anticipated new product, Google Glass. Google Glass, regarded by many as the harbinger of future technology, is a mobile device worn like a pair of glasses that is capable of taking pictures and making video calls.

In his article and accompanying video (below), Newt Gingrich asks viewers to create a new name for the cell phone—one that better articulates the features and functions of such an evolved device. To quote Newt Gingrich, “what you still call your ‘cell phone’ is not primarily a phone at all. Today’s cell phones have roughly the same computing power as a 2003 laptop.”

Newt Gingrich was calling his phone a “handheld computer,” but admits that even this name fails to capture the array of tasks it is capable of performing.

What would you call this device that can access a “world of information and communication,” “navigate roads” and “hold a 10 person video chat from virtually anywhere in the world”? Newt Gingrich wants to know your ideas.

Viewers are encouraged to provide suggestions for replacing the outdated term “cell phone.” The best one will be featured in a future Gingrich Productions newsletter.

Our favorites so far: “Communications Egg,” “the xMind” and “Handbrain.” 

If you have a suggestion, share it with us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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