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Mark Gordon, WWSG Speaker, Recovers 61 Tons of Silver from Ship Wreck

Posted by Austin Estes on Jul 31, 2013 10:14:00 AM

After Capturing the World's Attention by Finding 61 Tons of Silver, Mark Selects WWSG for Exclusive Representation

The world watched as famed deep sea treasure hunter Mark Gordon and his team at Odyssey Marine Exploration (Nasdaq CM: OMEX) hauled up a record-breaking 61 tons of silver, valued at more than $35 million, from the SS Gairsoppa wreck.  The discovery, made off the coast of Ireland, is the deepest and largest precious metal recovery from a shipwreck ever made.  WWSG is proud to exclusively bring Mark to our customers.

Mark Gordon Speaker WWSG2

A world-class businessman and storyteller, Mark shares with audiences the incredible adventures, successes and failures he has experienced around the world. With humor and candor, Mark speaks about a wide range of issues including risk/reward, leadership, teamwork, and how to fulfill your career passions. Mark is available for a select number of engagements in 2013 and 2014.  Please contact WWSG for availability and scheduling. 

Recently, Mark Gordon has appeared on FOX News, Bloomberg and CNBC (clip below) to discuss this exciting discovery and the success of his treasure recovery outfit.


Mark Gordon, like other business leaders, knows the challenges of today's rough economy and its impact on raising capital, analyzing risk, leading teams, appeasing stakeholders, and forecasting profits. Based on his inspiring story, Mark Gordon is now available for speaking engagements exclusively through WWSG.

Your audience will learn:

- How to build and navigate incredibly complex situations
- How to achieve successful outcomes, despite overwhelming obstacles
- How to make your career passion happen
- How simple course corrections can amplify one's happiness & success

As a man who so easily walks the line between adventure and success, Mark Gordon is dedicated to inspiring others to take the same steps in pursuit of their dreams. His 19-year journey to build a new and previously unexecuted business model provides a practical example for likeminded entrepreneurs and innovators—but not at the sake of following their dreams. Gordon’s life is a testimony to the fact that success and happiness in life result from living out your passions every day.

For more information on Mark Gordon, or to check his availability for speaking engagements, visit http://wwsg.com/mark-gordon.

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