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What Do Everest & Treasure Hunting Have to Do with Your Organization?

Posted by Kelly Dieter on Dec 5, 2013 10:01:00 AM

How can you apply the lessons learned from climbing Mount Everest, trekking across lava fields in Fiji, utilizing drones to deliver packages, or treasure hunting the depths of the world’s oceans, to improve your organization’s performance and culture? 


Many of our speakers at Worldwide Speakers Group have tested strategies for improving performance, productivity, and general outlook based on their experiences in science, technology, and in some cases, extreme challenges.  These speakers can provide profound insights on approach and execution, while often leaving your audience feeling as though it had experienced some of the world's most amazing adventures..

Below are a few examples of some of these fascinating personalities, and what they can offer your audiences. Please let WWSG know how we can help bring one of these, or any of our other distinguished speakers to your next event.  


Mark Gordon WWSG

MARK GORDON: World’s Foremost Deep-Ocean Explorer & Savvy Businessman Shares His Secrets A world-class businessman and storyteller, Mark Gordon shares with audiences the incredible adventures, successes and failures he has experienced around the world. With humor and candor, Mark speaks about a wide range of issues including risk/reward, leadership, teamwork, and how to fulfill your career passions. Mark, like other business leaders, knows the challenges of today's rough economy and its impact on raising capital, analyzing risk, leading teams, appeasing stakeholders, and forecasting profits.

Dan Botkin WWSG

DAN BOTKIN: What You Need to Know about the Scientific Facts Affecting Your Organization As a Scientist, Ecologist, Naturalist, Environmentalist, Physicist, and Author, Dr. Dan Botkin has explored and studied the world both far and wide. He pioneered the study of possible effects of global warming on endangered species and on life generally. He has done research on elephants in Africa, salmon in the Pacific Northwest, bowhead whales in the north Pacific, and in wildernesses from Costa Rica to Siberia. Always an independent thinker, Botkin goes right to the heart of the matter, looking beyond the rhetoric at what the facts really tell us and helping you to understand what actions we should take.

 PW Singer WWSG

PW SINGER: Planning for a Future Defined by New Technology; Be Ready for Disruptive Change Named one of "26 People to Save the World" by Turner Broadcasting and one of the 100 “leading innovators in the nation” by the Smithsonian, Dr. P.W. Singer is considered one of the world’s leading experts on changes in technology and warfare. He advises groups ranging from the Pentagon to Hollywood, exploring the pitfalls of past predictions, and instructing businesses, government institutions, and video game developers on how to plan for a future defined by new technology.

 evans jeff2

JEFF EVANS: Climbing to New Levels of Professional & Personal SuccessWorld-renowned mountain climber and guide Jeff Evans has been traveling the globe for nearly two decades, seeking out the most unique challenges in the world of adventure. Whether leading international executives up mountains around the world, competing in an Eco-Challenge or guiding a blind man to the summit of Mt. Everest, Jeff has amazingly achieved many feats that were seemingly insurmountable. Jeff shares the lessons he has learned to inspire and motivate his listeners to believe in themselves, be willing to risk failure to achieve success, and to move toward their goals well prepared and ready for the challenge.

 Robyn Benincasa WWSG

ROBYN BENINCASA: Using the Applied Skills of Extreme Sports to Improve Your Teams & PerformanceWorld-champion adventure racer, San Diego firefighter and best-selling author, Robyn Benincasa has biked through jungles in Borneo, climbed the Himalayans, trekked across lava fields in Fiji, rafted rapids in Chile, and racked up multiple world championship titles. Attendees will not only walk away completely thrilled with this unique visually and viscerally entertaining look into the world's most amazing extreme teams, but also they will leave with some simple and easily applied skills that will allow them to create Human Synergy with all of the teammates in their lives, from colleagues to spouses and family.


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