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Boost Your Organization's Morale With These Four Motivational Speakers

Posted by WWSG Staff on Jun 21, 2016 12:40:00 PM

4_motivational_speakers.pngMotivated employees are the secret ingredient that makes your company successful. They are more productive, more efficient, and generally more pleasant to work with than their unmotivated counterparts. Motivated employees truly care about their work, and for this reason, senior leadership must understand that positive employee morale is a requirement for most modern day organizations. For companies lacking that motivation, leadership can look to professional speakers to reignite that drive.

In fact, some speakers are so proficient at rallying a workforce, they are hired specifically for speaking engagements designed to boost morale. These include professionals like Daymond John, Pat Lencioni, Chester Elton, and Erik Wahl.

Effects of Poor Morale on a Corporation

Poor employee morale may be accepted in some companies as being par for the course, but it’s actually an avoidable issue that can be detrimental to the success of a business. Poor morale is caused by a number of things, including job insecurity, lack of proper remuneration, poor management, insignificant day-to-day tasks, and more.

Furthermore, all of these can result in a workforce that doesn’t meet its goals. As a result, a company will suffer from low profits, will see time and resources being wasted, and will feel the effects of counterproductive employee behavior.

Speakers with the Power to Energize and Engage a Workforce

A motivational or corporate keynote speaker can bring vitality back to your employees because these leaders have the ability to inspire a passion for hard work, perseverance, and dedication. For one, these speakers can encourage others to do their best, and this results in a better work ethic and higher productivity.

Moreover, they are business leaders that have realized a great deal of success, and have ideas, skills, knowledge, and new perspectives to share that can reinvigorate a workforce. If you're looking for a professional speaker who can breathe life back into your employees, consider one of the following keynote presenters:

Daymond John: An entrepreneur and investor as well as a motivational speaker, John is the founder of the clothing company FUBU and a regular on the television show Shark Tank. John worked his way up selling his own fashion brand out of a van. About twenty years later, his clothing company, FUBU, had a net worth of $6 billion. He is truly a self-made millionaire and American Dream success story, and his presentations reflect that fact. As a keynote speaker, Daymond John often addresses productivity, habit building, negotiating, increasing sales, and goal setting.

Pat Lencioni: As the founder of the management consulting firm The Table Group and a best-selling author, it’s clear why Lencioni is one of Fortune magazine’s “top gurus you should know.” Pat Lencioni is well-versed in the actions, attitudes, and behaviors that can make or break a company. During speeches, Lencioni often addresses issues like how employees can be better team players, how to engage a workforce, and preventing common obstacles in the workplace.

Chester Elton: Elton is a successful author, speaker, and leadership consultant to some of the world’s largest corporations. His co-authored book, The Carrot Principle, has been used by companies across the world to improve organizational performance and is based around the idea of employee recognition. As the “apostle of appreciation,” as a keynote speaker, and as a consultant, Chester Elton specializes in employee engagement, the importance of recognition, and how to self-motivate.

Erik Wahl: Wahl is an artist, entrepreneur, author, and speaker who uses art and multimedia to create unique, inspiring, and creative speaking engagements. During his presentation, he creates a painting that is the core of his message. Among Erik Wahl’s favorite speaking topics are challenging audiences to improve employee performance, finding the creative potential within each person, and improving leadership.

Inspiring employees to be their best and to work their hardest isn't an easy thing to do, and it takes a charismatic and knowledgeable leader to accomplish this. Motivational speakers have come from positions requiring high level understanding what makes them effective, and their expertise on leadership can improve spirit and morale within just about any company. It’s clear that sometimes all an organization needs to re-energize employees is to hire a stimulating speaker for an upcoming event.



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