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Carly Fiorina: Women Leading Women

Posted by WWSG Staff on Jan 7, 2020 9:00:00 AM


On Carly Fiorina's Podcast, By Example, Carly engages in vibrant conversations with world-class leaders and those who "lead by example."
In this most recent episode, "Women Leading Women," Casey Enders, CEO of Unlocking Potential (Carly’s charitable foundation) shares a Q&A session with Carly at the Women Leading Women forum. UP brings leadership training to nonprofits across the country with the goal of providing leaders at the community level with the tools and resources to strengthen their leadership and problem-solving skills.
Carly answers questions from young women about criticism versus feedback, her own political future, how to get involved with UP, diversity, inclusion, turning prosperity into equity, cultivating leadership skills at the beginning of a career, how to address burnout, and Carly’s definition of success. Carly answered questions from a variety of young women. 

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