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Four Questions You Should Ask Before Booking A Professional Speaker

Posted by WWSG Staff on Feb 23, 2015 3:00:00 PM


Professional speakers give your conference an air of authority that can make them easily worth the investment. Their natural expertise and finely-honed skills often engage audiences in ways that no one else can. To maximize the return on your investment, there are 4 questions you should generally ask yourself when booking your next speaker:


Who Is Your Audience?

Start by taking a few moments to consider your audience and their needs. Are they global executives, highly skilled professionals, or what? What business topics do you hope to have a speaker address? Is the best way to get across a message through a serious presenter, a thought leader or via something lighter? What topics are currently trending in your industry? By profiling your audience and defining the message you want delivered, you will have a greater sense about who that speaker may be and how you foresee that message being delivered.

Tip: Determining the tone for the speech, e.g. a motivational speech, often leads to better targeting of a specific set of speaker options, as opposed to simply having a pre-determined speaker in mind. It’s also important for success that the selected speaker be able to properly cover all of the intended topical areas of the speech.


What is the Speaker's Message?

Once you've identified your speaker's purpose, decide the crux of the message you want communicated to your audience. Some core types of keynote speakers include:

  • Motivational speakers
  • Business experts
  • Innovators

Whether you are a motivational speaker or a business expert, the message is different for almost every speech. Therefore, beyond the three classifications above, you can also select speakers based on popular topics including education, diversity, lifestyle, and “what’s trending” to name a few.


When Is the Engagement?

Checking a speakers availability is one of the most important first-steps in the process. Many of the most in-demand speakers maintain a busy schedule and simply may not be available for the date(s) of your event, when you are considering them.  That’s another reason to come in with a more open mind and to look at a list of potential options upfront.

When possible, mostly for a highly in-demand speaker, you may be able to adjust your conference date to accommodate having that speaker for your event.  Procrastination is often the enemy, when considering hot speakers, so reach out early and often as it never costs extra to include that important extra planning.


Why Book with the Worldwide Speakers Group?

For starters, we’re one of the industry leading speakers bureaus and it never costs extra to have us assist with your planning. Simply contact us or explore our website to learn more. Finding the right speaker, which is what we do, can often be a big part in what makes an event successful.

  • Quickly search for speakers by speech topic, speakers fee, or speakers name
  • Visit his/her speaker page to access a full bio, background information, or videos from recent events. Our goal is to freely assist to help make your decision easy
  • To get in touch, simply fill out a “plan your next event” form…it’s a great and easy way to find the best speaker for your upcoming event

Tip: Check out our resource center to access great articles, best practices documents, speaker 1-pagers and the latest news. Here you can find great tips and tools to help maximize success.

There will always be different approaches for finding the perfect speaker for your event(s).  We’ve learned that some of these methods work better than others so hopefully some of these tips prove useful.  If you would like to learn more or to discuss different speaker options, simply contact us.

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