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Has Your Public Lecture Series Gone Stale?

Posted by WWSG Staff on Jan 20, 2016 11:51:00 AM


No matter how many years a public lecture series has been active, there comes a time when the same guest speakers talking about the same topics grow a little stale. It’s not that the messages don’t have merit or the speakers have suddenly lost their ability to captivate an audience. Sometimes, decision makers just have to sit back and take a “big picture” look at the effectiveness of a public lecture series without bias, and then make any changes that are necessary to keep it fresh and exciting for the people in attendance.

What Makes a Successful Public Lecture Series?

It’s important to have clear goals when it comes to your public lecture series’ so you always know if the events you put on are successful or not. The results of each lecture series must be in alignment with your goals, or the perception of your organization will suffer. Are your efforts:

  • Generating a buzz prior to each event?
  • Ensuring the venue is filled?
  • Engaging the audience?
  • Providing useful and relevant information?
  • Meeting your budget?
  • Allowing for positive feedback after the event?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, it might be time to shake things up by looking for guest speakers that represent the current demographic and can inject some new energy into your public lecture series.

How Will I Know If It’s Time for a Change?

One of the most challenging aspects of implementing a change is knowing the right time to “pull the trigger.” Luckily, if you have set concrete goals surrounding the public lecture series’ for your organization, then the results will be there to guide you.


If your financial goals aren’t being met, attendance is lagging, donations have dropped off or the reviews are weak, then you may want to start the process of looking elsewhere for guest speakers. In most instances, the tipping point will be a combination of factors that you and your fellow decision makers have agreed upon.

Which Elements Can I Change for a Fresh Start?

As with any results-oriented venture, largescale changes aren’t always the best way to go. In order to breathe new life into your public lecture series, you should take the feedback you’ve been getting and work from there. Maybe the events have been a little “low budget” for the current audience, maybe the venues haven’t been up to par, maybe the subject matter is boring or maybe the guest speakers haven’t been presenting the information in a way that is engaging and relevant.


Whichever conclusions you come to, keep in mind that making smaller changes is often an easier way to determine which factor was actually responsible for those stale presentations. If you change everything at once and you only needed to inject a few new guest speakers into the mix, then you’ll be eating into your budget in areas that could have been left alone.


If you find that your organization’s public lecture series’ have become stale and aren’t giving you the same results as they once were, give Worldwide Speakers Group a call and we will help you get things back on track with dynamic guest speakers and a comprehensive plan of attack.  


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