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Hiring Keynote Speaker Yields Positive ROI In Unexpected Ways

Posted by WWSG Staff on Feb 25, 2015 2:00:00 PM


Employing a keynote speaker has the potential to create a profound impact on your business or organization. Keynote speakers collaborate with you to understand your needs and tailor their speech to deliver key messages designed for maximum impact. But what is easily forgotten is some of the unexpected ways a speaker can help yield positive impact:


1. Improve Employee Morale and Keep Money In Your Pocket

Bringing in a highly qualified keynote speaker can drive home your message—motivating employees with a passionate, powerful presentation. The added element of a keynote speaker also shows your company's financial commitment to your team's ongoing education and professional development. The result? A happier and more committed employee base more incentivized to turn their efforts up a notch.

In 2009, Kansas State University published a study, "Happy Employees Are Critical For An Organization's Success." Researcher Thomas Wright states that inspiring optimism and offering social support are effective means of improving wellbeing, enhancing employee retention and performance on the job. This article goes on to quantify his findings, “in a sample of management personnel with average salaries around $65,000, he found that being psychologically distressed could cost the organization roughly $75 a week per person in lost productivity. With 10 employees that translates to $750 per week in performance variance; for 100 employees the numbers are $7,500 per week or $390,000 per year."

Great keynote speakers present information in an energetic, upbeat and inspiring way; appropriately directing resources to enhance employee wellbeing assists in improving employee morale and increasing productivity.


2. Inspiring Creativity Creates Limitless Upsides

Whether your company is looking for ways to empower customer service, improve engineering design, create innovative products, or to analyze internal processes and enhance your current methodologies, keynote speakers often energize organizations.

Speakers within your industry can provide insight into what worked for them in a positive, forward-thinking way. Moreover, speakers beyond your business world may recount personal stories of creativity and achievement, drawing the audience outside of their frame of reference. Fostering a culture of thinking “outside the box” can be kick-started or promoted through great keynote speakers.

“The Scientific Study of Inspiration in the Creative Process: Challenges and Opportunities” was published this month. A key takeaway: "Inspiration has the power to effect change not just for individuals, but also for societies. Technological advancements, cures for diseases, and solutions to environmental problems first emerge as promising ideas." Perhaps an inspirational speaker can provide the impetus behind your next top-selling patent or a more streamlined, timesaving internal process.


3. Time Stops When Awe-Inspiring Speakers Take Center Stage

If you're looking for maximum impact, add a recognizable face to your stage or event. Consider graduation ceremonies across the country – the colleges that book well-known names tend to produce buzz surrounding the speech and benefit year-round. Many professional speakers have carefully crafted their personal brand, so their involvement in your event lends authenticity and positive energy. CNN's Sanjay Gupta, Hip Hop Pioneer Russell Simmons, Business Innovator Erik Wahl, Political Thought Leader Newt Gingrich and the Real-Life Downton Abbey Lady Fiona Carnarvon are just a sampling of today's popular keynote speakers. Coupling a fresh voice and a highly successful individual provides a strong backdrop for delivering your message.

A study jointly written by Stanford University and the University of Minnesota entitled, "Awe Expands People’s Perception of Time, Alters Decision Making, and Enhances Well-Being" proves this point. Being in a state of awe moved people away from being impatient, and allowed them to embrace the concept of wanting to help others. Awe has the additional benefit of helping the audience leave engaged and more motivated.

Name recognition and incredible stories of achievement provide awe-inspiring moments that are sure to hit the pause button on outside thoughts and get your audience's attention.

Contact our team at World Wide Speakers Group to learn more about who’s trending and how some of today’s most popular, keynote speakers may benefit your organization.

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