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How an Effective Website Can Boost Your Reputation as a Speaker

Posted by WWSG Staff on Mar 14, 2016 11:00:00 AM


Companies without a digital presence are destined to fail. One of the top priorities of any organization should be on their website. It’s often the first thing people check to confirm your credibility. A high-quality website can keep your audience connected to your company, your industry, or it can inspire people to follow you as a speaker or motivator.

One of the best examples of a speaker with a captivating website is Ben Parr. As a journalist, former editor-in-chief of Mashable, and author of Captivology: the Science of Capturing People’s Attention, he understands what needs to go into his website in order to boost his reputation. His website is largely successful due to his intellectual property, but his concise website shows people that his organized, that he regularly updates his website with fresh new content, and links to social media allow his fans and followers to stay updated on all things related to Ben Parr.

A Clean and Concise Website

When you look at Parr’s website, it has a simple aesthetic and is not cluttered with unnecessary pictures, text or buttons. The colors are specifically chosen because they have a connotation with expertise and credibility. He clearly has taken the time to carefully put together his website.

One of the first things users notice about the website is the visual design, so if your site looks unprofessional or over-formatted, you may overwhelm the user, and they won’t stay on your website. The best way to ensure that your visitors will stay and find value in your site is to give your users value from your site. That can be accomplished through a visually pleasing aesthetic, or a plethora of tools and other resources hosted on your site.

Regular Updates

Ben Parr does a great job of spreading himself and his intellectual property over a variety of digital sources. His website is constantly updated with videos of his speaking events, he blogs regularly, and he showcases his Twitter feed in the sidebar.

By creating new content, you show your users that you are dedicated to providing your followers with value. Regular updates on your website will help your site rank higher in search engine results, as well. Updating your site with speaking events, published works and other relevant posts will help in promoting yourself.

Links to Social Media

Social media is unavoidable these days, but for good reason. By having links to your social media sites, you’re giving users a chance to interact with you or your content. Your social media accounts are valuable tools that can help you get your message out there. It can also help give you a chance for more exposure. Social media can seem like a lot of work, but those who can use it effectively will benefit in the long run.

A Sales Pitch

Your website is the ideal location to promote a cause, sell your book, or advertise yourself as a public speaker. For example, Parr uses the front page of his website to give users a chance to order his book, Captivology: The SCIENCE of Capturing People’s Attention. While this strategy can be used to promote your book, it is important to note that there is a fine line in being promotional and over-promotional.

Creating a website can seem like a daunting task, but you can learn a lot from Ben Parr’s website. His success is largely due to his achievements offline, but his fresh website, regular updates, and links to buy his book enhance his reputation. His effective usage of social media allows his site’s content to be discussed, and he makes it easy for people to share his content through social media links. If you can create an effective digital space, you will help market yourself as a public speaker.


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