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How to Market Yourself as a Speaker by Aligning with an Important Cause

Posted by WWSG Staff on Mar 18, 2016 12:00:00 PM

align_with_and_important_cause_eric_wahl.pngSpeaking about a cause that’s close to your heart can captivate an audience. Speakers who are passionate enough about a cause can inspire their audience to take part in it. Based on the words and performance of an impactful speaker, audience members are able to discover their real potential. In recent years, no one does this better than artist and keynote speaker, Erik Wahl.

After years of working in a corporate job and feeling unfulfilled, Wahl discovered his true passion, and that passion is art. Since then, he has been helping to inspire others with his paintings. After a few years of selling his art to anyone and everyone, Wahl started selling his art for charities.

How Does Your Brand Reflect You?

As a speaker, clients are hiring you just as much for your message as they are for your personality. They want you to translate your passions and interests into a thoughtful and impactful message. Speakers with the ability to craft their message around a greater good will be able to get through to their audience on a human level.

In the case of Erik Wahl, his passion for art, creativity, and imagination allows him to promote his unique ideas in a unique way. He creates his art in his performance, and gives his talk, and then donates that painting to charities that he supports. In total, his paintings have raised over $1.5 million to charity. Due to this, his speeches are philanthropic in nature simply because they raise awareness for those charities. His brand shows that he deeply cares about the causes he aligns himself with.

How Can Your Passion Help People?

Whether you are passionate about the environment, animals or travelling, finding out how your passion can be translated into something that inspires others will make your speeches and marketing materials stand out. Wahl uses his love of art combined with popular culture to illustrate how love, joy, and mental strength can be found in creativity.

Wahl speed paints famous people in his speeches to get a point across. For example, his paintings of Michael Jordan, one of the best pro basketball players in history, help him illustrate that success is accomplished through a person’s response to failure. Even if you have no interest in painting or art, you can still take away a lot from Wahl’s speeches thanks to his delivery and passion.

What Will You Be Known For?

When clients hire Erik Wahl for a keynote speech, they know what to expect; an inspiring and captivating talk that is funny, unique and will ultimately give their audience an experience they will never forget. Wahl has aligned himself with the arts, but his speeches and actions are applicable to just about any audience. It’s evident that he truly believes in his message.

There’s a palpable difference in listening to a speaker talk about something they carefully researched and put together, and a speaker who is vividly sharing their passion with you. The speaker's excitement is contagious with the audience. Combining passion with an important message is what will take your speeches to the next level.


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