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How Writing a Book Can Help Speakers Market Themselves

Posted by WWSG Staff on Feb 29, 2016 3:00:00 PM


In a world of marketers, it’s important to get your name and face out there as much as possible. The information age has given anyone the power to be an expert on just about anything. This presents a challenge for keynote speakers: how do you present yourself as an authority?

One of the best ways to establish credibility is by publishing a book. These days anyone can contribute to a blog, but putting the time and research into a published work means that you have influence in your respective industry.

Some Speakers Find Success in the Written Word

As an activist and former politician, Ayaan Hirsi Ali is one of the best examples of using a book to gain notoriety, and help place her on a list of highly sought after motivational speakers. Through her upbringing in Somalia and Kenya, to her brief political career in the Netherlands, Ali has been one of the most vocal critics of the practices of Islam. Known for advocating for women’s rights and speaking ardently against practices such as female genital mutilation, Ali was able to use the release of her book, Heretic: Why Islam Needs a Reformation as a platform for her beliefs and work.

By publishing her story and fundamentals Ali was able to illustrate her story and why she is one vocal on women’s rights and female oppression in religion. Ali’s beliefs are controversial, but that is what makes her inspiring story so powerful. In Ali’s case, writing a book made her a more desirable public speaker.

Make the Most of Your Story

People are always looking for motivation. Recording your trials and tribulations as well as your successes in a book, more people will be exposed to your story in the way you wish for it to be told. By sharing experiences in a wholesome and honest manner, you can show readers how your story has led you to where you are now.

Confirm your Expertise

Regardless of your field, it takes a lot of effort to publish a book. The author needs to be able to pull information from multiple sources and translate that into a something their own. People will always be looking for credibility, and with your name attached to a published book, you become a more credible source of information. Therefore, the more your book can be used as a source, the more press and exposure you will gain, further confirming your expertise and credibility.

Using Ayaan Hirsi Ali as a prime example, keynote or motivational speakers can enhance their success from publishing a book. If your subject manner is true to your field of expertise, a book in your name will only benefit you in the long run.

At the end of the day, a speaker who can write a book will be able to provide his or her audience with more opportunities to get your message out there.

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