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Professional Speakers That Write: Your Ultimate Summer Reading List

Posted by WWSG Staff on Jul 11, 2016 4:19:10 PM

speakers_that_write_blog_post_image.pngMany keynote speakers have led astounding lives that, when written, can be incredibly eye-opening. Publishing a book is the perfect way for speakers to increase their value and give potential audiences an understanding of that speaker’s subject matter.

Multiple benefits can arise from hiring a speaker who has authored a book. The speaker can choose to interact with your guests at a book signing or meet and greet, and you could offer to sell the book at your event to ensure the speaker is also benefitting.

Before hiring a speaker for your next event, consider reading his or her books or other written material they have published to get an idea of their message. Many of our exclusive speakers have written books and articles that enhance their keynotes and allow them to connect on a deeper level with the audience. Check out three of our top speakers’ most popular books:

Ben Parr - Captivology

As you navigate Ben Parr’s website, one thing is clear; this is a guy who knows how to capture people’s attention. Parr’s book, Captivology is ideal for teachers, entrepreneurs or anyone who works to attract people’s attention. With his formidable intelligence, imagination, and business acumen, Parr was able to translate his skills into several high-profile jobs such as becoming a co-editor at Mashable at 24 years old, proving that he had something special.

With his considerable experience, extensive dedication to research, and innovative methods, Parr clearly demonstrates how to capture the attention of others efficiently. Book Ben Parr at your next event to receive wisdom on how to master attention-grabbing techniques that he outlines in his book via an attention-packed keynote speech.

Sanjay Gupta – Monday Mornings

For most of us, our day-to-day decisions and actions at work are not a matter of life and death. That’s not the case for medical professionals like the five surgeons chronicled in the book Monday Mornings by Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

Dr. Gupta takes readers behind the hospital curtain and into the working lives of these surgeons as they learn from their mistakes through Monday morning morbidity and mortality meetings, also known as M&M meetings. This book is an excellent example of how we can all learn to accept our mistakes and use them as learning opportunities, even when the consequences are extremely severe.

As a well-respected journalist, doctor, and Chief Medical Correspondent for CNN, Dr. Gupta has an excellent grasp on handling mistakes efficiently and moving on from them with more knowledge and insight than before. Learn more about Sanjay Gupta here.

Newt Gingrich - Breakout

In Breakout: Pioneers of the Future, Prison Guards of the Past, and the Epic Battle That Will Decide America's Fate, Newt Gingrich looks to shift the reader’s paradigm regarding today’s political affairs. The primary battle, Gingrich claims, isn’t between the left and right sides of the political spectrum but instead, is between America’s past and its future. Technological innovations come and go, but special interest groups, lobbyists, and bureaucrats can hinder the advance of progress. Gingrich’s Breakout does an excellent job of challenging readers not to allow these politically motivated individuals to prevent future innovations.

Newt Gingrich is no stranger to the spotlight. As former President Bill Clinton’s Speaker of the House, he is well versed in public speaking on a wide variety of topics. His inquisitive nature has allowed him to author or co-author over twenty-five fiction and non-fiction books, with a few making it to the NY Times best sellers list. He is one of our most requested political, sustainability, and economics speakers. More information about Newt Gingrich can be found here.

Publishing a book makes a keynote speaker an authority on that subject. Take advantage of the expertise and passion of speakers who have published works. These speakers add value to your presentations and ensure your audience is left feeling inspired, informed and captivated. Check out Top 6 Ways to Double Speaker Value for even more insight into this valuable subject.

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