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5 Reasons Your Organization Needs a Motivational Speaker

Posted by WWSG Staff on Sep 28, 2016 1:15:00 PM

5 Reasons You Need a Motivational Speaker

Is your team lacking a sense of drive? Are you constantly trying to motivate them to bolster performance and effectiveness? A motivational speaker might be the catalyst for the change you need in your organization.

Companies in just about any industry can benefit from working with highly experienced, multi-faceted motivational speakers. They can bring additional knowledge and experience, fresh perspectives, and many other invaluable benefits to your organization.

Here are five reasons why your organization can benefit from motivational speakers.

1) They Bring Knowledge and Experience

A key asset motivational speakers offer is their vast collection of knowledge and experience. Their objective is to guide your potential leaders to discover their true value within the organization. Their stories will resonate with individuals and show them that they can have a greater contribution to the team in their work. For example, Pat Riley led his NBA teams to a championship more times than any other coach in the NBA. Additionally, Shawn Achor has delivered many lectures and presentations on the power of positive thinking.

Utilize the experiences learned by top motivational speakers to enhance your organization.

2) They Highlight Passion and Drive

Passion and drive are two essential elements in any level of business success, from the personal to the organizational level. Motivational speakers provide clear examples of the importance of drive and passion. They represent the determination employees will use to move forward in their careers and in meeting their business objectives.

For evidence of a motivational speaker’s drive, one just needs to look at their accomplishments. Artist and innovator, Phil Hansen, had been sharing his passion for art with anyone and everyone. However, his artistic talent almost came to an end when he developed a tremor in his drawing hand. Instead of giving up, Hansen learned how to embrace his “shake” and has since found that his limitation can be used to tap into never-before-seen creativity.

3) They Bring Fresh Perspectives

Often, business environments can become echo chambers in which new ideas become drowned out. How do you get ahead when you keep repeating the same strategies and tactics?

By hiring motivational speakers for their organization, company leaders can provide their team with a fresh perspective on their business challenges. The speaker can address their unique challenges and how to overcome these problems within their work. They can also make a direct connection with employees to help them see problems from a unique angle and one that allows for a clear solution.

A living example of this lies in Mike Abrashoff’s service in the Navy. He took command of the worst-performing Navy ship in the Pacific Fleet and made it the highest performing fleet in twelve months – using the very same crew. In many ways, the ship was an extreme example of the same problems facing many organizations today.

4) Ease Workplace Conflicts

Motivational speakers can also have a role to play in reducing conflicts within the organization. They can help team members to see the value of collaboration over arguments and to prioritize the bigger picture. Motivational speakers can create a closer bond between working teams.

Over time, this helps to reduce stress within the workplace and to make individuals more productive within the team unit.

Marcus Buckingham’s four bestselling books focus on breaking through preconceptions on what really drives success. His books describe how to cultivate the strengths of your workforce, instead of improving weaknesses. Watch Marcus Buckingham speak on individual strengths and how to unlock the potential of the individuals in your organization.

5) Push Performance Objectives

During critical periods for sales teams, a motivational speaker can give teams that extra edge to reach forward in meeting their highest of objectives. It can highlight the drive needed to succeed in the marketplace and give sales leaders a sense of confidence in their abilities that will lead them to building on their performance.

For example, Kyle Maynard is not your typical motivational speaker. He was born without arms or legs below his elbows and knees; he excels as a champion athlete, motivational speaker, author, model, and entrepreneur. Your employees will benefit from following his “No Excuses” mantra.

Motivational speakers can bring significant value to your organization. To learn more about hiring a motivational speaker to speak to your team, take a look at our corporate case study here!

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