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How To Rock Your Next Political Speaker Event

Posted by WWSG Staff on Apr 26, 2016 10:30:00 AM

political speaker ObamaOf the multiple kinds of keynote speakers, perhaps the most versatile are political speakers. They possess the ability to speak to multiple audiences in a multitude of settings, and they can come with perks like book signings or meet and greets. In the eyes of the audience, the perceived value of a political keynote speaker goes beyond their actual presentation, which is why they are a little more expensive.

Political speakers typically don’t come cheap. Obviously, they’re adept enough in the political realm to gain votes, but the real trouble area is in their particular preferences. Do they prefer to have a driver, or do they prefer to drive themselves? Do they have a security team? These pieces of information are essential in providing the best experience for your political keynote speaker, which is critical to fostering the relationship with that speaker for any future events.

Speaker Versatility

With the understanding that political speakers are some of the most expensive keynote speakers, their ability to both provide hope for the future, or they can condemn the acts of the past is one of their primary selling points. For example, Newt Gingrich’s resume as the Speaker of the House has given him a unique perspective on the world. Furthermore, his authoring of both fiction and non-fiction books shows his enthusiasm for sharing insights with his audiences.

Perks of Political Speakers

Not every political speaker is created equal, but it is common for them to host some kinds of events after or before their presentation. In some instances, they will attend a meet and greet or cocktail party after the event. This gives audience members the opportunity to network amongst themselves, or with the speaker.

Here are a few other perks of having a political speaker at your event:

  • Book signing
  • Q & A Session
  • VIP dinner with the speaker

Fostering the Future Relationship

When comparing your event to a concert, the ‘headliner’ of your event could be Carly Fiorina or Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Both names are internationally known and can provide an incredible amount of value to your event, your audience, and even towards future events. If an event planning team can make participating in an event easier on the behalf of the speaker, they are more likely to want to contribute to a future event of yours.

Event planners who record the preferences of their high-value political speakers are more prepared for the potential event in the future with that speaker. The following are some important questions that every event planner should ask their political speakers:

  • Do you have a security team?
  • Do you have a preference in transportation to and from the event?
  • Do you have any dietary restrictions?
  • Will anyone be traveling with you?
  • Are there any questions you want to avoid in the interview session?

Political speakers are great value-add to events, but they require a lot of attention to detail, and it can be difficult setting your event up for future successes.  This is why you should be working with a speaker’s bureau that works directly with both your event planning team and with your event’s keynote speaker.

Partner with WWSG on your next event to make sure your event is as perfect as possible. In the meantime, browse our selection of top Government & Political Speakers.


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