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3 Social Media Tips to Master for Promoting Your Next Keynote Event

Posted by WWSG Staff on Apr 29, 2015 10:18:00 AM


There are a number of ways to effectively promote your next keynote speaker event, and some communication channels often go untouched, creating a missed opportunity for communicating with certain targeted audience(s). Social Media is one of these often underserved channels.

First: realize is that your keynote speaker is a draw in itself, allowing you to promote your speaker with ease and seamless effort.

The second deals with joint awareness and education campaigns that promote your company, organization, or elements captured in its mission. By not only promoting the keynote speaker, your company could earn a tremendous amount of goodwill by merely articulating the values and benefits stemming from the event it is creating. Of course this second point may dependon the nature of the event itself, asthere may be no reason to overly promote the company if it’s an internal speaker to company speech, as there will be plenty of other future events where you can get your company name out there. Lastly, always be prudent when  jointly promoting your interests and those of the speaker, , to find the proper balance so that both parties are happy with the outcome. One communications platform to achieve this is via social media:

As an example, let's assume keynote speaker Erik Wahl will be speaking at our upcoming conference and that we want to promote this fact through social media. There are a couple ways we may want to to promote  this via social media.  A simple message using limited characters, providing a link for more information, is a great place to start. A sample message might say “Stay tuned! We will be announcing our Keynote Speaker tomorrow at 4pm.”

Don’t forget to attach a picture, even if it’s the mysterious question mark, it will help drive the audience to your tweet. Of course, the speaker may already be known, in which case you’d want to promote posts showcasing Erik’s background  possibly with links to his previous work. Make sure to include his Twitter handle in the tweet, which accomplishes two things: 1) It alerts Erik and his team of the mention, giving them the freedom to retweet and promote; and 2) it allows your followers and audience to get a glimpse of his social profile. Get creative and it will help your udience learn more about him.

Also, familiarize yourself with bit.ly, tinyurl.com or other link shortening services. If you are going to tweet a link you need to stay within the limits of permitted message size (140 characters for a tweet). In our sample message above you want to add a short link like tinyurl.com/abcdef and not a link which stretches into 50 or more characters. Some services (like Twitter) may notice a longer link and automatically shorten it, but others may simply strip it from your message.

The key takeaway is to make sure that you’re properly and effectively promoting your speaker and your organization together, when the opportunity affords itself. Both of your brands are important and promoting them via social media is a great way to reach certain audiences.

For more information on speakers for your next event or this topic, simplycontact us.

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