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Virtual Event FAQ

Posted by WWSG Staff on Jun 2, 2020 5:13:05 PM

Virtual Events (3)

Like many of you, WWSG is evaluating how our industry must pivot and adapt to the present landscape. While in-person live events are not possible at this time, the need to connect and participate in shared experiences are stronger than ever.

Many Planners are changing their event’s format to accommodate the current circumstances by hosting their events virtually. There are many different options to stream content and for speaker’s to participate in a virtual event successfully.

Below are a few Frequently Asked Questions on how to accomplish your event’s goals virtually, and ensure your virtual event is successful.

How do I guarantee my Virtual Event is Successful?

The answer to this questions remains the same as if the event was live and in-person: Engage your audience with a well-fit speaker, who delivers and shares Content that enhances your event.

In general, have your sessions be an appropriate length (how long would you want to sit in your chair for?), offer ways for your audience to connect with the content (live discussions, real-time polls & surveys), carve-in breaks between sessions and DO NOT forget that the goal of your event should be to entertain and forge a lasting impact on your audience.

How do I choose the right platform for my Virtual Event?

The good news is, there are a lot of different production options readily available, and at relatively lower costs than hosting an in-person event.

The platform you choose to deliver your virtual event depends on a few important factors. Your choice will depend on the answers to the following questions:

  • How many different sessions will your event have? Are you planning a single event or a virtual conference that will span a few days with various breakout sessions.
  • What is the size of your audience?
  • How much collaboration do you want between the speaker, moderator and the audience?
  • What is your experience, toolkit and comfort level with handling tech issues should they arise?
  • Do you want to incorporate any networking or merchandising to accompany the event (i.e. selling a speaker’s book)?
  • Are you planning to have virtual events be factored into your future programming budget and plans?
What are the fees for a speaker for a virtual event?

Fees vary depending on every speaker and length of program. Please contact us for fee information and suggestions for your upcoming event needs.

Are there additional fees for a virtual event?

WWSG never charges agency fees for events whether in-person or virtual. We can help connect you with companies that produce virtual events which will provide you with an offering of services and fees related to producing a virtual event.

Do I still need to book speakers through a bureau or can I go direct?

Booking speakers for a virtual event is no different than an in-person event. We provide the same level of customer-focused service and help you find the right speaker. We provide end-to-end event planning; event strategy and logistics including pre-event calls and planning and personalized attention-to-detail throughout. It’s a major differentiator and the reason we consistently deliver leading, successful events and speakers whether in person or virtually.

Let our expert event planners help you find the perfect speaker for your virtual event!  We offer some of the best speaker options in the industry. Call us at 703-373-9974 or email speakers@wwsg.com to learn more.

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