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Writing Editorial Pieces to Market Yourself as a Speaker

Posted by WWSG Staff on Mar 25, 2016 4:15:21 PM

writing editorial content as a speakerIn today’s hyper-digital world, it can be hard to understand the difference between authentic content and sponsored content. As a public speaker, people expect your ideas, writing, and speeches to be authentic. Writing editorial content, appearing on TV shows, or hosting a radio show that will not be used for sales-related purposes is a great way to market yourself and create a higher demand as a keynote speaker.

Draw From Your Past Experiences

As a politician and historian, Newt Gingrich is almost more well-known for his contributions to the media than he is for being the 50th Speaker of the US House of Representatives. Once his political career came to an end, Newt capitalized on his experiences and expertise gained from his experience as the Speaker of the House by writing editorials, co-authoring books, and acting as a consultant to many different companies and organizations.

Gingrich’s success in the media wasn’t based on his political party affiliation. Rather, his successes were largely due to the editorial content he published based on his experience as Speaker of the House.

The Power of Credibility

Writing editorial content as a well-known person will almost guarantee viewership. Readers are interested in your opinions and experiences, and weighing in on topics on a mix of media platforms will increase your credibility. It can also boost your reach or the amount of people that will see your content.

Newt Gingrich, the professional speaker, is affected by the actions of Newt Gingrich, the politician, and Newt Gingrich, media contributor. Effectively tying those roles together has helped Gingrich build a greater appeal as an editorial contributor and as a speaker.

Writing Editorials for Relevant Publications

Keeping tabs on publications relevant to your experience is an excellent way to ensure you are contributing to the best platforms possible. A quote or editorial piece in a high profile magazine or newspaper will clearly relay your credibility to any related audience.

For example: Newt Gingrich wrote an article for the New York Times on “How the G.O.P. Can Fix Health Care” and use his connections in the political realm to give his audience something more than the typical op-ed piece on the wide topic of healthcare. By writing this article, Gingrich demonstrates his expertise in the healthcare industry, and event planners looking for healthcare speakers would be more inclined to seek him out.

It should be noted that there are other reputable publications other than traditional news sources. A relevant publication is any source that can help spread awareness.  Editorial content in a Reddit AMA would be considered a relevant publication. Speakers who are creative enough to spread their editorial content across a variety of media publications will enhance their appeal.

Acting as a Consultant or Correspondent for TV

Television can offer a speaker exposure that written mediums can’t. Acting as a consultant, or giving your opinion for a TV show can give viewers a chance to connect with you on based upon what you have to say, and on a visual level. News shows are a great source for speakers since it’s often an opportunity to promote opinions in a reputable setting, and it allows speakers to speak towards a certain audience.

For example: When consulting or appearing on television, speakers need to consider the audience. This could have been a large factor in Newt Gingrich’s decision to leave CNN last year for FOX. FOX has a more conservative and Republican viewership, which is perfect for the former Republican Speaker of the House. The more conservative audience is less likely to disagree with Gingrich and his editorial content. 

Don’t Forget About Radio

Another great option for speakers is radio. Very similar to television, radio gives speakers the chance to promote their ideas and knowledge to a broad audience and with the rising popularity of podcasts, people can listen to previously recorded shows with ease.

For example: Gingrich’s radio show on WebTalkRadio.net is a tool that gives him another area to supply editorial content. His past shows are interviews with prominent authors, radio talk show hosts, CEOs of major companies, and other reputable people. You can start your radio show, but make sure that you record it and make it available as a podcast on iTunes, SoundCloud, or other places so people can listen to your shows at any time.

Outsource Your Credibility

Many journalists and writers need sources or extra credibility to give their posts an additional appeal. Speakers that make themselves available for interviews or media inquiries will be able to provide small pieces of editorial content that other authors can use. Speakers who effectively use this strategy can act as a reliable source to those that need it.

Use Your Credibility to Help People

A good example of this is in this Yahoo! News article sourcing Gingrich’s opinions on the current presidential race. His opinion as a former Speaker of the House certainly makes this article credible, and it is highly likely to be read. Providing quotes to reputable media outlets add more fuel to the fire and is a virtually free promotion.

Speakers with a consistent mix of editorial content will be able to spread their message(s) to a much larger audience. Writing for relevant and reputable publications, appearing on a variety of channels like radio or television, and making yourself available for quotes or media inquiries are all effective ways to enhance your ideas.

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