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Get More Out of Your Next Event!

Maximize the value of your speaker.

A benefit from having placed thousands of speakers around the world – and working with some of the industry’s most respected meeting planners on a daily basis –is that our “Best Practices” are grounded in real-world experience. Beyond that, we thoroughly test these practices and refine them to see what performs best and which scenarios require special attention from speakers and event planners. 

Here are a few takeaways from our Top 6 Ways to Double Speaker Value:

  • Speakers prefer receptions after a speech to stimulate conversation and topical interest
  • Plan meal functions for moderated interviews. Create upfront interaction time for moderator/interviewer and the interviewee(s) to learn personalities and to explore potential topics of interest. 
  • Speakers are an investment and you want them to be at their best so creating an environment like a green room for speakers to gather thoughts and to mentally prepare is a no-brainer.
  • Avoid disappointing audience members by having the author's book available at the event (either for purchase or pre-purchase, beforehand, on their behalf).

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