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Worldwide Speakers Group's 2019 Highlights

Posted by WWSG Staff on Dec 31, 2019 9:15:00 AM

Speakers and Events (1)

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"Newt's World:" The Trade War Explained

Posted by Newt Gingrich on Sep 24, 2019 2:42:39 PM


An intellectually fearless visionary and historian, Newt Gingrich is one of the foremost economic, social, political and security-focused conservative thinkers today.

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70 Reasons to Celebrate Israel

Posted by WWSG Staff on May 21, 2018 1:00:00 PM


This article was originally published on Tabletmag.com and has been republished here with permission from the author. It is meant to be 70 lines dedicated towards Israel to celebrate the nation's 70th birthday.
Click here to read the original article, and click here to learn more about Bernard-Henri Levy.

E pluribus unum… 102 different origins… And, from that, a single nation!

The first multiethnic nation, in other words, that really works.

The first republic on the Rousseau model, where one fine day someone said, “Let’s make a Contract” and lo! the Contract was made.

Country of refuge.

Country of a promise.

A superfluous country for superfluous people.

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6 Reasons to Partner with WWSG for International Speaking Events

Posted by WWSG Staff on Jan 10, 2017 12:00:00 PM

The Worldwide Part of WWSG

The United States leads the way in the global professional speaker industry. Keynote speakers from around the world desire to be represented by an American speaker’s bureau since they are likely to get the most value from working with these firms.

At Worldwide Speakers Group, we represent some of the best and brightest thought leaders in the entire world. No matter where in the world your conference, gala, or event is, you should always book a speaker with us.

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