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Newt Gingrich: 49 years ago we stepped on the moon -- Now it's time to dream big again

Posted by WWSG Staff on Aug 3, 2018 12:56:29 PM

 Newt Gingrich Space

This blog was originally published on FoxNews.com and has been republished here with permission from the author. Click here to read the original article.

Forty-nine years ago Friday, when astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first person to set foot on the moon, we had every reason to believe that what he called his “small step” was in fact just the beginning of what he described as “one giant leap for mankind.”

In 1969, it was reasonable to expect that our space program would continue to move at the pace of the Apollo program. It was therefore reasonable to think that by 2018 we would have four to five colonies on the moon, space-based outposts in various lunar and cislunar orbits, mining operations on several asteroids, and a preliminary habitat on Mars.

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Newt Gingrich: Space Entrepreneurs Will Change our Lives with Advances that Are out of This World

Posted by WWSG Staff on Jun 20, 2018 10:05:00 AM


This article was originally published on FoxNews.com, and has been republished here with permission from the author. 
Click here to read the original article.

Much of American history has been created by entrepreneurial pioneers who kept inventing things.

Eli Whitney created the mechanical cotton gin in 1793, which sparked a revolution in the ability to process cotton. His development of interchangeable parts for manufacturing revolutionized productivity in factories.

Robert Fulton launched the first commercially successful steamboat that brought passengers from New York City to Albany in 1807. Profitable, timely and efficient, it set a pattern for steamboats that revolutionized travel.

Cyrus McCormick patented the mechanical reaper in 1834 and created various innovative business practices that revolutionized agricultural productivity.

The Wright Brothers discovered how to fly in 1903.

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Newt Gingrich: Get Ready for the Great Political Surprise of 2018

Posted by WWSG Staff on Jan 11, 2018 10:13:04 AM

Newt Gingrich

This article was originally published on FoxNews.com, and has been republished here with permission from the author. Click here to read the original article.

The great political surprise of 2018 will be the size of the Republican victory.

After members of the elite media have spent two years savaging President Trump, lying about Republican legislation, and reassuring themselves that Republican defeat was inevitable, the size of the GOP victory in 2018 will be an enormous shock.

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Elite Media Tradition Much-Diminished

Posted by WWSG Staff on May 17, 2017 10:04:21 AM

 Newt Gingrich Political Speaker

The media elite will gather at a much-diminished White House Correspondents’ Dinner this week. The dinner grew to feature a glitzy parade of celebrities under President Obama, and has also become an increasingly controversial event. This is in large part due to the entertainment.

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Professional Speakers That Write: Your Ultimate Summer Reading List

Posted by WWSG Staff on Jul 11, 2016 4:19:10 PM

speakers_that_write_blog_post_image.pngMany keynote speakers have led astounding lives that, when written, can be incredibly eye-opening. Publishing a book is the perfect way for speakers to increase their value and give potential audiences an understanding of that speaker’s subject matter.

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Writing Editorial Pieces to Market Yourself as a Speaker

Posted by WWSG Staff on Mar 25, 2016 4:15:21 PM

writing editorial content as a speakerIn today’s hyper-digital world, it can be hard to understand the difference between authentic content and sponsored content. As a public speaker, people expect your ideas, writing, and speeches to be authentic. Writing editorial content, appearing on TV shows, or hosting a radio show that will not be used for sales-related purposes is a great way to market yourself and create a higher demand as a keynote speaker.

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A Joint Debate with CNN’S Crossfire Hosts, Newt Gingrich & Van Jones

Posted by Kelly Dieter on Oct 8, 2013 4:35:00 PM

Newt Gingrich, Exclusive WWSG Speaker, and Van Jones Offer Passionate, In-Depth Debates as Joint Speeches 

You may have seen WWSG's exclusive speaker Newt Gingrich, and Van Jones on CNN’s new 'Crossfire' show as they debate the major issues of the day from healthcare, economy, energy, and politics, to breaking news stories that impact us all. Each co-host brings to the table his unique expertise, and it always makes for a compelling discussion

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Newt Gingrich, a WWSG Speaker, to Host CNN Crossfire

Posted by Kelly Dieter on Jun 26, 2013 4:45:00 PM

Newt Gingrich to Host Revamped Version of CNN's 'Crossfire' Airing This Fall 

In light of today's major announcement—CNN’s ‘Crossfire’ will return on air this fall with Newt Gingrich as its co-host—Worldwide Speakers Group would like to congratulate our exclusive speaker Newt Gingrich. As a 'Crossfire' co-host, Newt Gingrich will debate the major issues impacting our country with other thought leaders

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WWSG's Top Energy & Environment Speakers

Posted by Kelly Dieter on May 15, 2013 2:21:00 PM

How Can Your Organization Take Advantage of the Green Economy?

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Newt Gingrich Wants You to Rename the Cell Phone

Posted by Austin Estes on May 13, 2013 5:36:00 PM


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